Can I write great articles with no experience?

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The most important aspect of writing great articles is the headline. There are an enormous amount of articles that one will come across while browsing the Internet. Does it make sense to read an article that doesn't spark your interest? I have found that when personally searching the Internet, topics that i usually read about are those with the most catchy headlines.

It is very important to either have short paragraphs or double spacing. I know it has happened to you too many times while reading articles. What you ask? Reading a paragraph, then finding yourself lost like a high school kid reading one of Shakespeare's plays. You start to feel like the article was a lost cause. After all, you have read every sentence so far twice. If writing about a product, this will definitely leave a stale taste in the potential buyers mouth. Readability is the best selling point. If understanding is lacking, time is wasted.

Clarity. It sounds simple right? Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be on the minds of many people writing articles. Many articles are not written with the audience in mind. You wouldn't write to the normal public expecting them to have the knowledge of a particle physicist. It is important to break the article down into simple elements.

These elements should build on top of one another over the course of the article. You should try to put yourself in the position of the reader who is not familiar with the topic. If you do this, you will be able to better explain and convince the reader of the truth of it.

To be equipped in writing great articles, you must know your topic of discussion. You can't write about something that you know nothing about. Do your RESEARCH! There is nothing worse that an ill informed article. I have read many articles where I knew for a fact that the author had no idea what he/she was talking about. You never know who will be using your article. You want it to be correct.

Planning is the most important tool that a writer possess. One must plan how they will convey a message to their audience. The facts should be presented in an orderly manner. Make all of the connections and links for the reader. This will allowed the reader to feel informed by the article. They will feel empowered to make a great decision.

It is important to keep it simple as well as to be creative. A reader may have already read an article about the topic you are presenting. What makes this article different from the last? You the author! Present it in your own unique way and you will have a more interesting article. Always be aware of the reader. Find ways to keep the reader's attention.

For instance, this article started with a short 61 word introduction. The paragraphs go larger until the third paragraph. The paragraphs get smaller again to make it easier for the reader. Make sure the article is written for the reader.

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