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Words come in a flash. There are so many of them to choose. There is a Tao quote that says that everything is words because everything has a name. When we write, we use words exclusively to convey a meaning and build a story. We need to attach meaning to anything to make it last in this world. The art of writing is the ability to choose the best words that suit the mood or environment you want to create.

The words that you create form the meaning of what you create. There are different combination of words that form different moods and atmospheres. For example, the words that you use to seduce a girl and the words you use to sell a car are different.

As a writer, I understand the use of words and the necessity they have on the overall piece. If you are not familiar with the art of writing, the best way to learn it is to read widely, your mind will incorporate words that stay in the subconscious of your mind. You can learn to read the dictionary, you can find all the words in the world, in a good and up-to-date Oxford dictionary.

So when you have the words, you need to have the feeling and the mood. What moves us to do something or to enjoy anything is the feeling that we inspire in others through the proper use of words! the more emotion your piece has the better it automatically is.

When you write like an artist, you need to involve your art in the writing. That means you have to know what you are writing, why, how, when and who you are writing for. When you know that information, you are on your road to being a great author. When you write you have to know your subject thoroughly without leaving any room for logical inconsistencies. Let your work come to life through your use of words and imagery of action.

A lot of writers are very attached to their work that they fail to limit their mistakes in their writing. This is costly. For you to master the art of writing you have to be an editor of your own work as well and that means your work will flourish into something beautiful.

You have to love what you are doing in order to have the best piece of work that conveys the mood, feeling and the emotion that you require! There is no faking it. If you don't know what you are writing about, the reader will feel the void and stop reading it. Do Not give a reader a reason to put the pages down instead build mystery and momentum that will keep the pages turning and the person hanging at the edge of their seat.

Simplicity is king. Writing is all about communication and when you master the art of writing, you master the art of written communication. You are on your way to be a great writer earning a lot of money if you read and understand this wordy article about words!

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