Writers versus Storytellers, which one are you?

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Writers versus storytellers. I know it sounds like one in the same, but there is a difference. All storytellers can write, but the same can not be said for the opposite.

So how can you tell the difference between writers versus storytellers? Well, it's all about passion!

You've got a great idea floating around in your head, but how do you turn those thoughts into words that capture your readers heart?

Anyone can write a story, but to tell a story, you've got to feel it deep down in your spirit. Whether it's a script for a movie, an article for a newspaper, copy for a television package or a manuscript for the next best seller; it will not succeed, no, it can not succeed if you can't make the reader feel what you do. A writers work can be easily read, but a storyteller's words flow effortlessly and incite your imagination.

So where do you start? Try the beginning. The things that make you laugh, cry and even angry are all a part of who you are. You didn't just develop these feelings yesterday; they evolved and intensified during your lifetime. They came from people, places, situation and events that left indelible marks in your mind, on your body, and in your soul. Once you are able to accept and begin to embrace that which makes you whole, you gain a confidence that allows you to share yourself and your gift with the world. Everybody's got an opinion, and writing is subjective, so the only person you must be true to is to yourself. That truth will reveal itself clearly to those searching for their own truth, and others who stumble upon it without even looking. When you are true to yourself, your audience knows you are being true to them, this creates a following, and fans who will always look for your work.

Most people spend their lives waiting for others to validate them. My motto has always been, 'if I don't believe it, no one else will," that means validation must come from within. Writers and other artists have creative souls that usually go against the norm, therefore , all creative spirits must be bold and confident, willing to take chances, and put themselves out there for critics, who will follow you as closely as your fans. But remember, you are the only person who can give yourself permission to dream, to smile or frown on any given day, and at any given time. You decide who's worthy of your heart and time, and most importantly, you take full possession of your thoughts, your words and your feelings. If your work is good enough, you can for a short time take control of others imaginations as well.

So how do you tell a writer versus a storyteller?

Take that passion from your mind and spirit, put pen to paper, and just let it flow. The first time may not be that bestseller and not everyone is going to like it, but if it makes you smile and fills your heart with pride then you have succeeded. Make today the day you find your passion, live your dreams and share them with the world.

Don’t be a writer, be a storyteller!

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