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Freelance writing offers a lucrative and creative alternative to the traditional nine-to-five grind. Returning to freelance writing can cause writers to feel overwhelmed leading them to simply give up. Writing websites are constantly changing their policies and requirements; what may have worked for you before, may not work now. Your technical skills may need updating, along with contacts and social media profiles.

If it has been a while since you last wrote on-line, the first part of your plan is to take stock as to where you were previously in your freelance career, and where you want to end up. Don’t try and plan out your whole writing career; this can be too daunting a task, especially after a hiatus. Instead, take some simple steps to getting your name back out there, and some needed cash coming in.

Check existing work on page hit sites

If you previously wrote for page hit sites, the first thing to do is check on your websites. Some sites are closing or merging with other writing platforms. Check your existing work for whether you can migrate it to a new page-hit site; remove it and re-work it for future freelance projects; or simply scrap any outdated articles or blog posts. Do make sure your payment information is up to date before any site closes or migrates or you could lose some hard earned money.

Check freelance job sites

It seems a new freelance writing site pops up every day. Bidding sites that worked well for you before, may be the key to landing your first new freelance writing gig. Make sure to update your profile and photograph, include any new and relevant skills, and re-introduce yourself to the community. It may take a little time for former clients to come back; but continue to market yourself, and apply for all relevant positions.

Check for new freelance sites

No freelance writer should expect one or two websites to provide them with enough money to pay their bills. Check out some previously unused freelance sites; many give you the chance to check areas of writing expertise, and can help you discover some hidden talents. Take any free proficiency tests offered to you, these can be displayed on your profile and help you land even more gigs. The more sites you join and are accepted to write for, the more money you can make!

Join or re-join social media

Been awhile since you were on social media? Then an important aspect of your freelance career will be networking with other writers. Re-introduce yourself to existing friends, contacts, groups and discussion boards. Start a blog and write an article on what you learned while on hiatus, update your social media profiles and tell everyone what type of writing work you are looking for. Join and follow new groups of like-minded writers; many writing gigs come from social media referrals, so make sure to participate.

Stay organized and focused

All freelance writers know the importance of having an organized up-to-date home office. Equipment doesn’t need to be fancy but it does need to work! Make sure software is up to industry standards, and that you create a work schedule you can stick to. Business cards are inexpensive to have made, and can contain web addresses to your writing sites.


Many writers are hesitant about returning to freelance writing. The task can be as adventurous and profitable as you make it. By having a detailed plan of checking previous page-hit and bidding websites, re-participating in social media, finding and applying at new websites to write for, and keeping a proper work schedule, your writing career will soar bigger and better than ever!

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